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Rule Of Life:-
If u want 2 Enjoy something,
Always Think Life is Long...
If u want 2 Achieve
Somthing Always Think Life is Very Short...

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A good heart and a good nature are two different issues,
A good heart can win many relationships,
but a good nature can win many good hearts.

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Golden words from shakespeare:
""Go to help ur friend in problem without invitation &
don't go to ur friend in happiness without invitation.

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When u are angry at someone &
get irritated time to time but
u still cant live with out him-her,
that is a relation, a True Relation.

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Problem can either
break u
The hammer that breaks glass can shape steel
It's up 2 us 2 b glass or steel
Have a willpower of steel & Vision of glass!""

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Sometimes it is way better to pretend
that you do not care, than to admit that
it is actually killing you.

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The most hurting moment of life is,
when unexpected person comes into your life,
shows you the way to smile and to be happy,
and leaves you even not telling the reason.

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Love is never die, but be careful, it can kill you!
Failure is never desirable, but be willing to face, it can be a lesson to learn.
To prepare is never too early, but be warned, it can be too late!
Fighting for success is never easy,
but be optimistic & truly believe you can win.
Change is never easy but be proud of
yourself & eventually you can manage it all.

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If you wait to be happy, you will wait forever!
However if you start to be happy, you will be happy forever!
Start Smiling and keep happy.

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Have you ever thought that
tears are more precious than Smiles ?
You may smile for anyone,
but you would not cry for anyone
unless that person really touched your heart....
Good Friends;
Real friends are those who care without hesitation,
who remember you without limitation,
who trustful without suspicion,
and who love even without communication.
Fake friends;
Laugh/mad on you without real reasons,
never remember you unless they need/use you,
never around when you need them.
So be careful how to choose your friends
and how to plan your future.
Good Luck.

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They say a person needs just
three things 2 be really and truly happy in this world.
First: Someone to love
Second: something to do
Third: something to hope for.

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Rules for a good relation do not need any promises, conditions or terms,
they just need two wonderful peoples.
One who can trust and another who can understand that trust.
That is all!

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Old friends are gold.
New friends are diamonds.
If you get a diamond,
do not ever forget the gold because
to hold a diamond you always need a base of gold...

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Morning is God's way of telling us:
Here is One more time! Live life.
Make a difference.
Touch a heart.
Inspire a soul...
Encourage a mind.

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It is very difficult to say Goodbye
and it is even harder when its some one yo love
It becomes ever worse when
there is nothing can ever be done by refusing to let go!!!
so do your best before it becomes
the worse case that you can not do anything!
because it is never easy to say Goodbye for ever!!

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By:SukhChaın SınGh In:Love - Romantic SMS

Aapki Aankhen Uchi Hui To Dua Ban Gai
Neechi Hui To Haya Ban Gai
Jo Jhuk Kar Uthi To Khata Ban Gai
Aur Uth Kar Jhuki To Ada Ban Gai… <3 :*

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By:arun In:Jokes SMS

Tussi Hasde Yo Sanu Hasaan Vaaste Tussi Rone Yo Saanu Rovaan Vaaste Ek Vaar Rus Ke Ta Vekho Sohneyo Marr Javange Tuhanu Manaan Vaaste.

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आपको चाहने वाले कम ना होगेँ।
वक्त के साथ शायद हम ना होगेँ।
आप किसी को कितना भी प्यार देना,
पर आपके यादो के हकदार हम भी होगेँ!!

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Raat meri aankho se ek aansu nikal aaya
Maine usse pucha tu kyo aaya
To usne mujhe bataya ki dear!
Koyi in aankho me etana hai samaya ki
Mai chah kar bhi apni jagah na bna paya.

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