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Dear FB and Whatsapp Friends,

May your life and your social networks are filled with vibrant colours of life at all times!

Happy Holi!

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By:harryk In:Clean

H: Happy Holi which is

O: Over-joyous and full of

L: Love and

I: Intimacy!

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By:manish panwar In:Clean

May your life be transformed by all the beautiful

C: Charming

O: Organic

L: Loving

O: Outstanding

U: Utopian

R: Romantic

S: Scintillating colours

of life!

Happy Holi!

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By:Major singh kahlon In:Clean

Aaj Barish Mein Tere Sang Nahana Hai,

Sapna Ye Mera Kitna Suhana Hai,

Barish Ki Boondein Gire Tere Honthon Pe,

Unhe Apne Honthon Se Uthana Hai!

Happy Holi!

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By:Major singh kahlon In:Clean

Red for Prosperity

Blue for Longevity

Green for Happiness

Orange for Progress

Pink for Friendship

White for Peace

May you be blessed with all the shades of Holi!

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By:harryk In:Clean

Meanwhile somewhere in China, a gentleman by the name 'Ho Li' is still confused why billions of Indians want him to be Happy.

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By:Hemant Suthar In:Clean

Lal, Gulabi, Neela, Pila Haathon Mein Liya Samet;

Holi Ke Din Rangenge Sajni, Kar Ke Meethi Bhent.

Shubh Holi!

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By:harryk In:Clean

May your life be like a rainbow filled with all its hues!

V: Violet for Vision

I: Indigo for Intellect

B: Blue for Beauty

G: Green for Glamour

Y: Yellow for Youthfulness

O: Orange for Omniscient

R: Red for Romanticism

Happy Holi!

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By:Arti sandhi In:Clean

A real friend:

Cares like a Mom;

Scolds like a Dad;

Teases like a Sister;

Irritates like a Brother;

And loves more than a lover.

Happy Friendship Day, Dear Friend!

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By:jatinder doraha In:

Garuda Gayathri:

Gam! Ganapathaye! Namaha!

Om! Sri Raghavendraya Namaha!

Om! Namo! Bhagavathe! Vaasudevaya!

Om! Ham! Hanumathe! Sri Rama Doothaya Namaha!

Om Tatpurushaya Vidhmahe

Suvarna pakshaya dheemahi

Thanno Garuda prachodayaat

Happy Garuda Panchami!

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By:deep In:Day Wishes SMS

mai tumse pyar karta hu isi liye mai tum marta hoon tumne kab friendship karni isi liye mai chaudhry february ka intezaar kerta hu

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By:JaTT In:Special SMS

Is sal ek aisa waqt ane wala ha jo zindagi me phr kabhe nai ae ga
Time 08:09:10
date 11-12-13

i hope i am the first one to tell you.
This year december has 5 Mondays, 5 Tuesday and 5 Sundays.

This happens once every 823years.

This is called money bags.

So send to atleast 5 people and money will arrive within 4days, based on Chinese Feng Shui.

The one who does not send, will be without money.

Send within 11 mins of reading.

Can't hurt, so I did it!

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