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By:Gourav Jairth In:Clean

LIVE - every moment

LOVE - beyond words

LAUGH - everyday

Have a great day!

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By:Singh Neelam In:Jokes SMS

Santa:where Is This
Banta: Yaar Me Hun
Santa:tum Kya Kar Rahe Ho
Banta: Me Us Ladki Se Friendsship Kar Na Chata Hun
Santa:phir Tum Ne Ladki Ke Kapre Kyu Pae He
Banta: Kyu Ki Me Ese Jaunga To Wo Kahegi Shadi Kar Le Is Lie Mene Ladki Ke Kapre Pae He

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By:JaTT In:Sayings - Quotes SMS

Love often leads on to ambition, but seldom does one return from ambition to love.

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By:JaTT In:Special SMS

“Our Pain may Give laugh to somebody
our Laugh should not Give Pain to anybody”
..Charlie Chaplin.
Be always HAPPY & Try to make others Happy.

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