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The light we currently see from the North Star was actually emitted more than 430 years ago.

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Due to extreme atmospheric conditions, it actually rains diamonds on Neptune and Uranus.

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Russia is just a little bigger than Pluto. It is little over 17 million square kilometers, while the Solar System's smallest planet comes in at around 16.6 million.

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Pluto will complete its first full orbit since its discovery on Monday, March 23rd 2178.

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Switzerland is planning to launch a 'janitor' satellite to collect 370,000 pieces of space junk.
Space junk is an ongoing problem for the world's space administrations as decades worth of satellite launches and space missions have filled the Earth's orbit with trash such as fuel tanks, lost tools and parts of derelict satellites.
In order to combat this growing hazard and to avoid potentially devastating collisions, the Swiss Space Center at EPFL has launched CleanSpace One, a project to develop and build the first installment of satellites designed specifically to clean up space debris.

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Tere Dar pe, Arz kiya hai ki
tere der pe sanam hazar baar ayengey,
tere der pe sanam hazar baar ayengey,
Ghanti bajayengey aur bhaag jayengey.

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A man gifted his wife a diamond necklace for there anniversary
and then his wife didn’t speak to him for 6 months.

Was the neclace fake?
No. that was deal..!! :’D

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Raja. o golu ye cards le aur aapne muhalleme sare friends ko bant de
golu. ye kya hai
raja. meri shadike cards
golune pure mohalleme card bant diye liekin kishinebhi puncha to golu kahta ye rajaki barbadike card hai

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Ek Aadmi Medical Shop Par
Zeher Lene Gya...
Aadmi: Ek Zehar Ki Bottle Dena
Dukandar: Bina Parchi K
Zehar Nhi Mil Skta.
Aadmi Ne Shadi Ka Card Dikhaya..
Dukandar: Bas Kr Pagle, Rulayega
Kya? Badi Bottle Du Ya Chhoti?

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