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If we have not peace within ourselves, it is vain to seek it from outward sources.

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Ae khat ja unke hatho ko chum le.wo padhe to unke hotho ko chumle.khuda na kare wo phar bhi dale, to girte girte unke kadmo ko chum lay.

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Tie a Knot, Tie a Knot.

Tie a Tight, Tight Knot.

Tie a Knot in the Shape of a Nought!

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Santa ne apne nawen jamme bachche nu pakdeya per usne Santa te sussu karta.
Santa to nurse: Bibi eh piece leak karda hai badal k le aa..!..hahaha#Mehra

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Log Kehete Hai Ki Dukh Bura Hota Hai,
Jab Aata Hai Tab Rulata Hai.
Magar, Hum Kehete Hai Ki,
Dukh Accha Hai,
Jab Aata Hai
Tab Apno Ki Yaad Lata Hai.

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