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Little Pinky to her mother, Jeeto: I must be a very good child.

Jeeto: Yes, you certainly are. But what makes you say so?

Pinky: You never keep a maid for more than a week or two, but I've been with you for almost more than ten years!

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Rani to her close friend, Pinky: Why didn't you return Balwinder's ring and presents after the break-off?

Pinky: I regard them as spoils of war taken during my first engagement!

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Teacher: Have you ever read Shakespeare?
Pinky: No. Who wrote it?

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The Smile On Your Face
Lets Me Know That You Need Me.
There's A Truth In Your Eyes
Saying You'll Never Leave Me.
The Touch Of Your Hand Says You'll Catch Me Wherever I Fall
You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All.

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By:harryk In:Sayings - Quotes SMS

Ae khat ja unke hatho ko chum le.wo padhe to unke hotho ko chumle.khuda na kare wo phar bhi dale, to girte girte unke kadmo ko chum lay.

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By:JaTT In:Shayari SMS

majbore ho chuki thi zuban arz e haal par
lakin teri nigaah ne khamosh kar diya
un ki jafaon par bhi wafa ka huwa gumaan
apni wafaon ko bhi faramosh kar diya

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Awsm Lines..:

Wo Puchti Hai Mujse ""Tum Mujhe
Itna Pyaar Kyun Krte Ho..?? ""
Mene Kaha Ek Tamannna He
Tumhe Pane Ki..
Wo Puchti Hai ""Har Waqt Kyun
Udas Rehte Ho..??''
Mene Kaha Koshish He Tumhe Har
Khushi Dilane Ki..
Wo Kehti Hai ""Har Waqt Kyun
Sochte Ho..??""
Mene Kaha Aadat Ho Gai He
Tumhe Khayalo Me Apna Banane
Wo Kehti Hai ""Kabhi Chand Bhi
Chahkr Apna Hua Hai..??""
Mene Kaha Ek Umeed He Is Umeed
Me Zindgi Beetane Ki..
Wo Kehti Hai ""Me Na Mili To..??""
Mene Kaha To Koshish Karunga
Zindgi Mitane Ki..
Wo Kehti Hai ""Tumhe Kya Milega
Mar Kar..??""
Mene Kaha Ek Umeed Agle Janam
Me Tumhe Apna Banane Ki..!!

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